Books and books

A week has gone by very fast – again. This time my focus has clearly shifted into reading and I have surely done plenty of it. I used at least 12 hours last week reading an exam book, it is called Topography and the environment. I’m reading quite slowly, since I am planning to make proper notes of the chapters and then reread the notes before the exam – which is in a week already.

The book has felt surprisingly easy to read, but I have had some troubles with trying to translate some scientific vocabulary, for example moder humus. I think it means the sort of soil that contains a lot of organic matter, and is not very acidic but I am not sure and I have yet to find the answer to that.

In the evenings I’ve mostly spent time with my friends or when at home I’ve been reading Shantaram and watching tv. I even watched a couple documentaries the other day and I think that will be all of it. I will revisit my plan again to have it correspond to my needs better, I think the part about documentaries is also a little bit too much about listening.

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