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Happy Easter!

And finally it is spring. Motivation for studies has definitely lit up again along with the sun and the awaking nature. I’ve been reading Shantaram a lot and I really must say it is a great book. It is one of my absolute favourites, and that is mostly because of the beautiful language the author, Gregory David Roberts, uses. It describes the ugly and the pretty things so well that it feels like it paints the real India into my mind. This is a book I would recommend and have recommended to several friends already. I’m especially proud how my sister took the book and praised it as she actually has first hand experience from India. Not the ghettos of Mumbai, but other areas and cities she has been living in. India is everything, and it is not easy to make such a picturesque descriptions of such complexity India has to it – and all the while keep it realistic.

I have also been spending hours and hours doing grammar tasks, and now I mean crossword puzzles. I love to do them in Finnish as well and now I really started to like them in English too. I’ve been doing them online but I will go and see if I can buy a paper version of a crossword magazine. It would definitely be nicer than online, because I wouldn’t like to spend this much time on the computer as I have lately. Paper version I could take anywhere with me, even outdoors where I love to spend my time.

This Easter was very calm, I didn’t do that much of anything. I spent a lot of time outside, hung out with some friends and went to a gig also. It was a gig in the legendary Tavastia bar, where a whole lot of Finnish now very famous artists have started their careers and been found, so to say. The artist was Litku Klemetti and the show was great. Her voice is absolutely stunning, at certain times I even thought it was ethereal. It was a pleasure to listen to her and really just dive into the music. The thing about concerts and gigs seem to be that during them everything in the world is well. It must be because that is a time when you can only live within the music and the show, there is nothing else in existence. At least there is no space for much else to exist in my mind when I’m in a concert.

I’ve also spent some time researching the articles and useful links in the support groups I’ve joined. I’m not sure I will do any more tasks in the groups, but I will anyway take all I can from them as they provide a lot of useful information that can help with learning techniques. I am still also going through my vocabulary excel sheet and adding words to it as I come across them.

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