AnaEE for Finland

Encouraging the participation of Finnish researchers in a European research infrastructure is a way of furthering wide-ranging and permanent internationality and high quality of Finnish ecosystem and environmental research.

By joining in AnaEE, Finnish researchers will have access to all field stations belonging to this European infrastructure according to equal rules. Especially, some of the more expensive and unique facilities lacking from Finland (such as large phytotrons and test fields, expensive isotope and microscopy instrumentation etc.) will be in the reach of Finnish researchers in a cost effective way. This goes also other way around – it is expected that the Finnish infrastructures will have more international users enhancing their utilization rate and cost-effectiveness. AnaEE will also make all of the European AnaEE facilities easily discovered through one web-portal, increasing the coverage of Finnish research facilities as well.

AnaEE for Finnish researchers:

  • Cost effective physical, virtual and remote access to key experimental ecosystem platforms across different climatic and land use regimes in Europe as well as into highly controlled, experimental facilities lacking from Finland (such as Ecotrons);
  • Cost effective access to key analytical and modelling platforms;
  • Provision and support of specialist expertise in planning, constructing and maintaining ecosystem experiments;
  • Improved methodologies, standardized measurements, harmonisation of metadata as well as sustained personnel training;
  • Training of students, young researchers, and technical personnel.

AnaEE for other Finnish stakeholders:

  • Higher international visibility of national infrastructures. Access to expertise, research programs, and data;
  • Technical and organizational support to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of data, models and scientifically solid syntheses of experimental ecosystem research for academy, education and ¬†industry users;
  • Definition and standardization of criteria for cost effective procurement of the advanced equipment needed for AnaEE platforms;
  • Large scale assessment of strategies aiming at adaptation and mitigation of climate change and loss of biodiversity in agro-ecosystems, forestry and freshwater ecosystems;
  • Networking possibilities for scientists, decision makers and industry representatives;
  • Spread of new technologies developed in Finland and growth possibilities of innovative companies.

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