Preliminary schedule



Wednesday Feb 20

1800 Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham, UK): Maximal God and the Ontological Argument

1900 Ryan Mullins (St. Andrews, UK): What is Classical Theism?


Thursday Feb 21

9.15 Session 1: Tim Pawl (St. Thomas, USA): A Doctrine of Divine Simplicity

10.15 break

10.45 Session 2 Siiri Toiviainen (Helsinki), Remarks on Gregory of Nyssa and spiritual senses

11.45 Lunch

13.00 Session 3, student papers I

Łukasz Kołodziejczyk (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland),  Does the Classical Theism follow the Kalam Cosmological Argument?

Philipp Kremers (Oxford, UK): The Objection of ›Horrendous Deeds‹ – A Problem for the Metaethics of Classical Theism?

 Derek King (St. Andrews, UK): Image of the Invisible God: Divine Hiddenness in Classical Theism

14.30 break: Tour at University Libraries and the Cathedral

15.45 Session 4, Sergio Novani (University of Insubria, Italy), God doesn’t play hide-and-seek: Ratzinger against hiddenness argument

Friday Feb 22

9.15 Session 6: Max Baker-Hytch (Oxford, UK), God, evil, and organic wholes

10.15 break

10.45 Session 7, Safaruk Z. Chowdhury (King Fahad Academy, UK):  “God was, and Nothing was with Him”: Exploring the Relation between God and Abstract Objects in Islamic Philosophical Theology

11.45 Lunch

13.30 Session 8, Jonathan Parsons (College of DuPage, USA), What’s so great about Necessary Existence?

14.30 break

14.45 Session 9, student papers II

Ben Page (Durham, UK): Dispositional Goodness

Sanna Urvas (Helsinki): Investigating Process Theism

Mitchell Mallary (St. Andrews. UK): Classical Theism and the Historical Jesus

16.15 The end of the workshop

18.00 Dinner for the speakers


Call for Papers HEAT2019

Investigating Classical Theism
Helsinki Analytic Theology Workshop 2019, 20-22 February

Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki
Faculty Room, Vuorikatu 3

Keynote lecture will be delivered by Prof. Yujin Nagasawa (University of Birmingham)

Call for Papers

In addition to the keynote, the workshop will have approximately six one hour slots for substantial papers that address the topic of classical theism. The papers may include arguments for or against classical theism, examinations of the relation between classical theism and other Christian doctrines and any other approaches that are suitably connected with the main theme.

Please send abstracts as a doc-file of a maximum of 700 words to Dr. Rope Kojonen ( by the end of August 2018. The organising committee will make their decisions within two weeks. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer bursaries to presenters.  The final manuscripts should be sent to Dr. Kojonen by the end of January 2019.


The workshop is open for all and free of charge. Even if your paper is not selected, you are most welcome to join the discussion.

Those planning to attend the workshop should inform Dr. Kojonen by the end of January 2019.


Hotel Arthur offers convenient accommodation next to the university. You are advised to book your room yourself ( By mentioning that you are part of the workshop (HEAT2019), you will be offered a discounted price.

HEAT 2019 is supported by the Centre of Excellence for Reason and Religious Recognition of the Academy of Finland.

For more information:
Olli-Pekka Vainio