Business Collaboration: From Funding To Knowledge And Materials

Interview with Janne Lundén, Senior Lecturer in Food Control
Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Janne is a University lecturer and researcher in food control. He teaches all matters to do with food control authorities, food control practices and their effectiveness.

Why do you collaborate with companies?

“Well, in the first place, food businesses are the subject of my research so it is very natural to involve them in my studies. However, I also do it to increase the impact of my research results. It is easier to get results into use in society if you collaborate with companies. Moreover, I believe it is important to have discussions with all kinds of stakeholders from the authorities to the industry and get their views and opinions on the subject of our research. This gives us an understanding of the overall picture of where our field is headed, the research needs and leads to new research questions.”

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