Only two weeks left


There’s only two weeks of waiting left and I’m getting nervous and excited at the same time. Part of me is galloping around in Japan already but the other part is still living Finland-time and not understanding the flow of time.

The most crucial thing is now finished: I have my one-year visa attached to my passport! It only took about half an hour in the embassy and cost 27 euros. A lot better than what I was expecting. Now I only have to inform foreign ministry, KELA, bank and magistrate about my address in Japan and apply for one permit to get prescripted medicines through customs. There’s ton of these little things to do.

Today we had our small, Kyoto-orientated tutoring meeting and it was a lot more useful than the big meetings offered by the university. We sat at the cafe for about four hours and exchanged information from bike problems (respect the red light and beware of every one else) to things to do in the town hall (registrations). It was fun!

Slowly, but surely

I have now waited anxiously since the last post for the official acceptance letter. It still hasn’t come and I’m starting to worry – I can’t get a visa without it.

The main reason I’m now writing this post is that at least I got the notification that I have a housing waiting for me! I’m going to stay in one of the two student dormitories and thus I will avoid all extra trouble with gas, electricity, Internet, water, furniture and other huge money holes. Lucky (stingy) me!