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Based on the instructions by Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

1. Basic information

Anni Rytkönen

— PhD, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, 2014. Thesis: University of Helsinki teachers as useras and adopters of change of web-based learning environments in teaching, published at https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/45214

— Master of Science, major in Computer Science, subject teacher education in Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Helsinki, 2000. Master’s Thesis on the development of laboratory teaching at the department of Computer Science.


Senior lecturer in University Pedagogy (2015-2018), Faculties of Science and Education, University of Helsinki. Duties included pedagogical support and development of the degree programmes, teaching in courses in University Pedagogy, pedagogical research and assessment and development of teaching skills of the teaching staff. Additionally, duties included teaching students in study skills, and development of including academic skills in the degree programmes. Teaching in university pedagogy included giving all courses in the Basic studies, development of the teaching and study methods, and creating first online courses in University Pedagogy.

Educational Technology Specialist (2007-2015) at the former Educational Technology Centre, current Educational Technology Services, at the University of Helsinki – educational development by using educational technology in Higher Education, including teacher training in educational technology and university pedagogy. Main duties: Electronic examining, Project manager in the UH project and Project Owner group member in the national collaboration project.

— Lecturer 2001-2005 and part-time teacher 2006-2010, University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science: teaching in basic studies and subject teacher education, including mentoring Bachelor’s theses in Finnish, Swedish and English. Teaching included web-based education with a number of systems of own production and e.g. Moodle.

— Special planner in educational technology, 2006-2007, City of Helsinki, Education Department, Media Centre: development of using educational technology in comprehensive education with web-based services, e.g. development of a process model for schools on teacher knowledge and skills development in educational technology

— Subject teacher in computer science and mathematics in comprehensive and high school education, 2000-2001 and 2006, Cities of Helsinki and Espoo, Education Departments.

2. Qualifications in research and doctoral training

— Scope of research: eduational development with educational technology
— Doctoral thesis

3. Teaching qualifications

Teaching experience
In personnel training at the University of Helsinki teaching in collaboration with faculties on the personnel training courses in University Pedagogy in Finnish, Swedish and English

In personnel training for teaching staff at university and comprehensive levels short courses in educational technology in Finnish, Swedish and English

In Higher Education
— Introduction to Computer Science (blended learning), mentoring ca 5 times 2005-2010 (fi, swe, eng)
— Computer-supported learning environments (collaboratively, web-based learning, using both centrally maintained and piloted systems) 8 ECTS points, 5 times 2003-2008 (fi)
— IT for subject teachers (blended learning) 4 ECTS points, 4 times 2002-2005 (fi)
— Introduction to computing (blended learning) 3 ECTS points, 11 times 2001-2005 (fi, swe)

In adult education, Open university and upper secondary vocational level courses in ICT and computer science, part-time for ca 2 years

Comprehensive and high school level courses in computer science and mathematics, full-time 1,5 years

Pedagogical training
PhD in teacher education, 2014, University of Helsinki
University Pedagogy 4 (5 ECTS points) 2011, University of Helsinki
University Pedagogy I (10 ECTS points) 2010, University of Helsinki
Subject teacher education (60 ECTS points) 1997-1998, University of Helsinki

Ability to produce teaching materials
Collaborative writing and development of the Teacher’s guide to Moodle, 2008- (a large wiki, in Finnish)

Web-based material for the course Introduction to computing (in Finnish), open on the web

Proactive use of web-based methods with students, design of web-based tools and methods on several own and multiple supported courses through the years. Own course designs have included working methods that require active student participation in the production of collaboratively created contents, and thus teacher-produced materials have not been meaningful.

4. Other qualifications and merits

— Active participation in the Finnish national Moodle co-operation and development, 2008-
— Member of the Advisory committee in science and technology education at the Finnish Science Centre Heureka 2004-2010
— Member of the working party for the development of the ICT Driving Licence at the University of Helsinki, 2004-2005
— Member of the working party for the development of a personal study plan at the University of Helsinki, 2004 (the Final report, pdf, in Finnish)
— Establishment and development of co-operation in science teaching with high schools in Helsinki region, 1999-2005 (additional information, in Finnish)
— Student member in the steering committee at the department of Computer Science 1997-2000
— Student member of the educational development group at the department of Computer Science, 1997

List of publications

List of publications: http://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/person/arytkone (in the Tuhat publication system at the University of Helsinki)

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