Lovelacen kreivitär kirjoitti tietokoneohjelman, ja häntä opasti Mary Somerville (Hessari 7.11.2014)

Today there was an interesting article in Helsingin Sannomat.

The book by Mary Somerville, that is mentioned in the article is in the public domain and available, as many other old and interesting books, through the Internet Archive.

I was particularly impressed by the preface written in the 1830’s:

In one of the comments in HS a reader writes that programming is boring… I disagree, just coding may be boring, but designing software and algorithms is anything but boring!

Another reader correctly says that Ada is not a super-computer language. In a way it was meant to be when it was designed, but in the sense of being a tool for creating reliable and bug-free software. However, as some other languages designed by a committee it ended being too complex and inconsistent, and because of this, difficult to use as a general purpose language.