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I have updated this web site to reflect my current teaching which has changed as a result of the “Big Wheel” reorganisation at our university. In addition, as starting from the current academic year course descriptions are available at, I provide links to them at this site without repeating the same information here.  There is plenty of (hopefully) useful content at this site, including suggested readings and some posts briefly presenting some content related to the courses. I have also “rescued” from backups some posts I have earlier written, which I still expect to be of interest.

Teaching at our university has gone through big changes in 2017. Both the BSc and MSc programmes were updated, as well as offered courses and their contents have changed. I still teach the same subjects, but all courses starting from the Autumn of 2017 have been expanded to 5 credits. Some of the courses that I have been teaching every year, I am now teaching only every other year.

All my courses continue to be based on a combination of different activities and emphasise the acquisition of both general and subject-specific problem-solving skills over the memorisation of information. Evaluation will take into account performance in diverse activities together with a “take-home” final assignment.

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