Let’s Do It project group

It was quite interesting to attend SomeJam and to innovate things as a practical developer. The working environment was quite enjoyable and comfortable, with a lot of space.  Staffs were quite considerate and the food was nice.

Our schedule for the SomeJam -event was generally like this, on Friday evening we first had an introduction to the event and self-introduction of everyone. Then we were randomly divided into groups and had games to inspire us to solve problems. On Saturday afternoon we had our first pitch with board members and got feedback to improve our future work. Then on Sunday afternoon, we did the final pitch among all the other teams.

In terms of team work,  we all thought that our team worked really well together. All of us were developers so we were instantly on the same page in terms of what was doable in the scope of 48 hours . We also had similar ideas about how we should start implementing the project. After the initial planning phase we decided to divide into two groups, so that we could have a nice mock-up done for Saturday’s board meeting but also immediately start work on the Rails prototype.

It was quite useful and interesting to pitch, as majority of our group members didn’t have real pitching experience yet. We gained valuable experience on how to form a good idea and try to sell it to business investors. Working as group and solving a problem together in real life was very interesting. We all learned a lot not and hoped to enjoy the next SomeJam event.

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