Rainbow badgers – Gamifying the youth

Rainbow badgers

Our team of five consisted of the following members: Mika Hämäläinen, Mikko Holm, Evgeny Tiutiunikov, Kristiina Rahikainen and Tiamo Laitakari.

Our service, Badger, is all about motivating young people to do volunteer work. At one end of the service, there are young people who don’t have any work experience to get a real job. And at the other end, we have people who need help. Our service brings these people together. Young people get work-like experience that builds up to their virtual CV in form of badges and points.



Some user stories:

– As a young person I want to have work experience to make it easier to get a real job

– As an old woman I want to read the Holy Bible to someone so that they’ll learn real values

– As a single mom I want help with the kids so that I can relax


It was cool to innovate a new service that could possibly have a positive impact on people’s lives. The HCI part was also interesting.

Software prototype


The initial mock-ups were done with Balsamiq, you can see them at our GitHub page https://github.com/mikahama/rainbow-badger .

Our architectural choice was pure HTML, CSS and JS – no servers. I’m not entirely satisfied because with an SQL database we could have done more in an easier way.

The tools we used were basically NetBeans for some, while others used SublimeText. Git and GitHub were common to us all.

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