Shannon Amey

Shannon is a Canadian/Irish artist living in Finland.

She is a full-time professional artist and works out of her studio in Rauma, Finland. Her artwork is collected and exhibited internationally as she is both self-represented and gallery represented. Her work is available by commission appointments at this time.

She says that creating art is where she feels most like herself: “In making art I transition to a deep place inside that is both energising and calming. I connect to my most authentic self when I can create and make art without boundaries. My artwork is both intuitive and emotive. My paintings are translations of memories and experiences into abstract expressions.” 

She was very intrigued by the project and its innovative and collaborative nature. For her, this sounded like an exciting project to participate in: “I am always interested in participating in projects that are based here in Finland where I live.  My experience so far has been wonderful. It is very exciting to be a part of such  a diverse group of practicing artists. The specific research team (Airavaara lab) I have worked with has been very welcoming and generous in providing information and visual content. The presentations of the various researchers have been the catalyst in creating my painting for this show.” 

She is looking forward to learning more about the other collaborations between artists and researchers as well as seeing the pieces of art in the exhibition.   

For Art Meets Science, Shannon has created ‘Uncharted Territory‘.

You can read more about Shannon’s other work on her website and on her Instagram. 

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