Paula Kiuru

Dr Paula Kiuru is a docent of medicinal chemistry at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

She is a pharmacist with a background in organic chemistry and currently works as a university researcher and medicinal chemist in Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma’s Medicinal Chemistry lab at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.  

Presently, Paula is focusing on bioactive marine compounds against cancer, tuberculosis, and leishmaniasis. She has also participated in the discovery of novel antibiotics against gram-negative bacteria. Keeping with the faculty’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, Paula’s next scientific challenge will look to develop sustainable synthesis methods for drug molecules. 

When asked to share her motivation for participating in Art Meets Science, Paula remarks that “she has been interested in viewing and collecting art, so this project seemed a great opportunity to combine and disseminate my research by means of art. To this end, I like colourful chemistry and vintage laboratory glassware with many shapes. Also, the shapes of the molecular structures have always fascinated me.” 

Paula continues, explaining how “she is expecting a wonderful and thought-provoking exhibition which will show how pharmaceutical science can inspire very diverse, influential, and astonishing pieces of art. The collaboration with the artists has been very fruitful, and it has taught me how to present my science in a more comprehensible manner to broader audiences. It has also given me a perspective on making art and keeping with the faculty’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, I am happy about the recycling aspect in the piece of art.”  

Paula has been collaborating with Marina Zitting and Özgü Gündeşlioğlu. Follow Paula’s Twitter to learn more about her activities.

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