Marianne Valonlehto

Marianne Valonlehto is a visual artist and a photographer from Finland.

She expressed her delight in participating in Art Meets Science: “Firstly, I would like to say that I am incredibly pleased to be part of this important project. In this time of fake news and false information, it is so important to have projects and collaborations like this. This project has been an amazing opportunity to understand more about scientific research and to also understand different aspects of research projects. I was very pleased to get to know Polina and Karmen of the bioactivity-screening group and to hear about their interesting nature-related research projects. Nature brought us together. It was a great coincidence that they have also been focused on nature.” 

Marianne continues “it was fascinating to hear insights about antiviral compounds from chaga mushrooms and antimicrobial yarn from willow. It is so precious to have research and studies about our nature given all the potential that it has. Healing powers of nature!” 

When it comes to her art, Marianne aims to remind people about nature: “By `nature´, I mean our beautiful forests and wildlife, but also (our) nature, the true inner essences in us. The essence of being alive – the essence of our own nature.” With respect to the latter, she found it remarkably interesting to incorporate chaga mushrooms into her painting process. The emerging painting, “Whisper of Nature” is 100 cm x 108 cm and will be displayed at the Art Meets Science exhibition.  

In reference to the exhibition, Marianne shares her excitement: “I am really looking forward to seeing all the artwork and meeting all the people who have been part of this project. We all agree that the exhibition will be a great celebration and ending for this project and it will be so nice to finally meet all the people face to face!” 

You can read more about Marianne’s work on her website and Instagram 

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