Teemu Tomberg

Dr Teemu Tomberg is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki.

He has been constructing a new coherent Raman microscope and helping to conduct studies with it. Teemu remarks, “I had never seen a project like this before so was curious to see the outcome and therefore wished to collaborate with an artist”. Teemu continues “it has been great to see the interest shown by the artists for our work and it has also been educational observing how they perceive the research”. Teemu is looking forward to the exhibition and seeing the different ways other collaborations have been able to link science to the created pieces of art. He is also excited to hear comments from the general public and learn what they find interesting about his research.  

Teemu is participating in the qCSI (Quantitative Chemically-Specific Imaging Infrastructure) consortium. 

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