Lotta Sirén

Lotta Sirén is an economist turned self-taught professional abstract artist from Espoo.  

Lotta paints full-time from her studio in Siuntio and shares her rationale for joining Art Meets Science: “I always like to try new things and this project sounded interesting. I rarely say no to such exciting opportunities. Given I am an economist by background and now work as an artist, I am used to working across faculties”. Due to the ongoing pandemic in addition to maternity leave, Lotta is yet to visit the lab however, she has kept up to speed with her collaboration with Dr Shiqi Wang via Zoom. Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Lotta states “I am looking forward to seeing the results of the other collaborations and the exhibition itself! There will be lots of different forms of art side by side and it’ll be nice to see what kind of inspiration each research project has generated in artists”.   

You can read more about Lotta’s work on her website and Instagram.

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