Manlio Fusciello

Manlio Fusciello is a PhD candidate who will soon graduate from Prof. Vincenzo Cerullo’s ImmunoViroTheraphy lab at the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

Manlio is originally from Italy; however, he has travelled the globe before arriving in Finland having lived in the Netherlands and Canada.   

The ImmunoViroTherapy lab focuses on using different microbes (including viruses), and specific cancer features to make the immune system the best weapon to fight against cancer. Manlio shares: “We are in essence using traditionally ‘unhealthy’ things to make us healthy again!”. 

Manlio and the ImmunViroTherapy lab are collaborating with the illustrator and visual artist, Anna Stankevich. Manlio joined Art Meets Science because he believes the world needs to know more about the art hidden within nature and biology: “beauty is everywhere, especially in the way that evolution has shaped us”. He continues: “Science communication is lacking in today’s society, and I view this project as a great combination of beauty and science communication at the same time”.

Reflecting on the project thus far, Manlio states that “despite not being a talented artist myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Art Meets Science! Our collaborating artist, Anna, has done an amazing job throughout the project”.

Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Manlio is hoping to meet new people and inspire them about what humanity can achieve through science. He goes on to share, “I want to see the ‘wow moment’ in people’s eyes, the same moment we experience as researchers when we have discovered something potentially game-changing for the world”.

You can read more about the research conducted within the ImmunoViroTherapy lab on their website and Instagram.

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