Lena Blankenstein-Holmström

Lena Blankenstein-Holmström is a self-taught mixed media and alcohol ink artist living in Turku. 

Having worked on ships for 40 years, Lena is using retirement to explore interesting new opportunities to gain fresh inspiration and perspective for her art. Reflecting on her participation in Art Meets Science, Lena recalls “the project seemed so interesting and was a completely new area for me to explore as I didn’t know much about scientific research before Art Meets Science. The whole project has been really positive, and the highlight was visiting the Voutilainen lab at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy where I was able to talk with scientists from the lab and learn so much about their neuroscience research”.  

Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Lena is excited to meet the other participating members of Art Meets Science in person.  

You can read more about Lena’s other work on her website and Instagram.

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