Timo Laaksonen

Timo Laaksonen is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology at the University of Helsinki and Research Director (Chemistry) at Tampere University.

He studies how nanoparticles and molecular assemblies could be used to improve drug delivery. As the head of the lab, he is responsible for supervising PhD students and supporting post-docs, discussing their results, and looking for new ideas to research. 

Like many scientists, Timo and his group share a passion for culture and the arts. Whilst this generally pertains to literature for Timo, he recognised the unique nature of Art Meets Science and remarked “it felt natural to support such a nice concept dealing with visual arts. Also, Qasim had a very good pitch about the project, and I felt confident that it would get done!”.

Throughout the project, Timo has observed an eagerness from his own group to actively participate in the project. He shares “the atmosphere has been really supportive. I have felt that the artists have also been truly interested in this, not just the scientists!” 

Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Timo is excited to see the results of their own collaboration as he believes a dance performance inspired by their research with the dancers wearing costumes further inspired by the light aspects of their research will certainly be a unique site that will stand out and be remembered.  

Timo works with Dr Tatu Lajunen and has been collaborating with Emrecan Tanış and Sasha Stepanova.  

You can read more about the research conducted within the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group on their website

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