Hannele Rekola

Hannele Rekola is a laboratory nurse and artist. 

Hannele is originally from Rauma but now lives in Järvenpää where she works at Meilahti Pathology as a laboratory nurse. In her free time, Hannele practices pottery and draws a Kwaakku cartoon that is published in Kaupunkilehti Raumalainen. Owing to her artistic talents, Hannele belongs to the Järvenpää Art Society.

Reflecting on her participation in Art Meets Science, Hannele remarks how she was inspired by her good friend, Professor Marjo Yliperttula, a professor at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy, who informed Hannele of the project. Hannele continues “Marjo invited me to participate in the project and I immediately grew excited. Ideas started spinning in my head! My original idea of ​​ceramic vesicles was born and has since been transformed into a piece of art called ‘Connecting’. In this piece, vesicles play an important role in the pulsating umbilical cord that unites women”.

When asked about her experience thus far, Hannele shares how inspiring and necessary such a project is: “this joint project of science and art opens up huge new avenues to bring out the achievements of science through the eyes of art. It creates a third dimension that serves as a new kind of bridge for the viewer and an entry into the world of science that can sometimes be out of reach for the layman. Likewise, it acts as a reverse gateway to art, the opportunity to see things differently, through the eyes of art”.

Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Hannele is excited to see the reactions of people and the public alike towards this innovative and groundbreaking exhibition that combines science and art. Hannele remarks, “I very much hope that we will gain visibility and reach the audience and the media. In addition, I hope for interesting encounters with people, both those involved in the project and those coming to see the exhibition”.

You can learn more about Hannele and her work from her website and Instagram.

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