Whisper of Nature

Marianne Valonlehto:

Acrylic on canvas.

“Nature brought us together. As an artist my aim is to remind people about nature. With nature, I mean our beautiful forests and wildlife, but also nature, the true inner essences in us. The essence of being alive – the essence of our own nature. It was inspiring to collaborate with researchers Polina Ilina and Karmen Kapp who had their research projects related to nature. It was fascinating to hear insights about antivirals from chaga mushroom and antimicrobial yarns from willow. Regarding this I found it very interesting to combine chaga mushroom as a part of my painting process. When I started to plan this project and painting, I was spending a lot of time in the forest. I was walking around the forest and wondering about the beauty of nature and all the different details and aspects of it. Before I started my painting process, I cleaned up my space and made some chaga tea. My painting process was meditative and chaga tea and calming nature sounds were an essential part of it. Finnish nature and chaga gave me the inspiration for this painting. This was what chaga and nature whispered to me”.

Price: 1470 EUR (735 EUR for the artist, 735 for the faculty’s sustainable pharmacy fund)

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