Emrecan Tanış:

“When I heard about this project, I became incredibly excited and at the same time a little worried as I do not believe dancing is the best way of telling a complex story. Rather, it is a very special way of transferring emotions. I started my journey from this specific point. How can I show the research via strong emotions? When I meet the scientists I collaborated with, it became immediately obvious I could showcase these emotions. They were not only amazing and passionate about their work, they were also lovely human beings who explained everything in a very understandable manner which helped me thoroughly throughout the creative process. I really hope that I can inspire them as well, with our new creation “Fragment”, which is about the difficulty of separation. In this clip, I focus on the light-activated drug release element of their research”.

A recording of ‘Fragment’ can be viewed at our gallery until the 23rd April with a live performance scheduled for the 15th May 2022 at the Alexander Theatre, Helsinki.

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