Mammalian Cells I

Tiina Poutanen:

“Curcumin can be extracted from the spice turmeric, and it is used as a food colourant and herbal supplement. In studies by the Transporter Group and others, curcumin has been shown to inhibit the action of P-glycoprotein and other transport proteins. P-glycoprotein is found in many organs, e.g., liver, brain, and kidney. In the placenta, it protects the fetus from foreign substances in the mother’s bloodstream. The Transporter Group uses a human embryonic kidney cell line (HEK293 cells) to study transport proteins and the effects of different substances on their function. The artwork shows a group of cells in fetal formation. The use of the plexiglass was inspired by an electrophoresis device used in the research lab and the colour of cell culture medium was acquired by using curcumin on the plexiglass”.

Price: 500 EUR (250 EUR for the artist, 250 EUR for the faculty’s sustainable pharmacy fund).

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