Neurographic Breath

Eva Adán:

Graphite, inks, and watercolours on cold-pressed watercolour paper.

“This painting was inspired by the interaction I had with the regenerative neuroscience group and learning about their philanthropy and motivation to discover ways to prevent and cure neurodegenerative diseases. As I am interested in holistic health, I began my piece with a mindful drawing process called “Neurographic Art”, discovered and developed by the psychologist Pavel Piskarev, while listening to “Binaural Beats” for healing, focus, and creativity. Meditation helps link our conscious with the subconscious by activating the connections between neurons, reduces stress, and may contribute to preventing cognitive deterioration. After intuitively adding the watercolour and all my personal touches this piece has eventually come to breathe on its own with a graphic style that is more unique and personal than ever and that I will continue working with on my next creations. In general, my artistic work revolves around a deep study of consciousness through various ways of meditation and usually in combination with reading the popular works of some famous scientists. Consciousness exists in a realm of irreducible subjectivity, with which science is not always comfortable”.

Price: 950 EUR (475 EUR for the artist, 475 EUR for the faculty’s sustainable pharmacy fund).


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