Härkänen (2003) developed a software package called BITE for inference on Bayesian intensity models. It utilized the advances of both the intensity process theory and the numerical RJMCMC methods. It also provided a simple syntax to define an intensity model, the piecewise constant functions with prior distributions, and data files containing the observed event history.

This website was created by Jari HaukkaAnna But, and Tommi Härkänen to introduce the main ideas underlying the Bayesian intensity models available in BITE,  to distribute BITE software package,  to provide updates, and  share news on further development. BITE source code with manual and examples can be downloaded from this website, and it can be compiled using standard GNU C compiler and development tools.

The software and examples can be found in the Download page.

Created 30-03-2015, updated 19-12-2016