The project was awarded a three-year project grant by the University of Helsinki in 2016.

The call for three-year research grants of the University had two stages. In the first stage, applicants submitted letters of intent. On the basis of evaluation on letters of intent, best applicants were invited to the second stage to submit full proposals. A total of 129 letters of intent were evaluated during the first stage, and 26 full proposals during the second.

At first, all letters of intent were evaluated in six research field-specific expert panels. The same experts in these panels evaluated both the letters of intent and the full proposals. Evaluation criteria were scientific quality and innovativeness of the research plan, independency of the research project; and the prospects and suitability of the applicant’s career stage.

The University allocates yearly some of its funds to support research. The grants for three-year research projects are intended for promising researchers of the University of Helsinki. The funding is aimed to support future research leaders who are starting to conduct independent research and establishing a research group at the University of Helsinki.

The Rector makes the decision on the funded projects on the basis of a proposal by the Scientific Council of the University.