Proteiinianalytiikan kurssi/ Course on Protein analytics


Protein Interactions and Biochemical Analyses
1.0/4.0 ects

Lecture and laboratory course:
Active participation to lectures: 1.0 ects
Lectures & Practical course 4.0 ects
TIME: 17-28.8.2009
PLACE: Viikki Campus, Biocenter 2, Viikinkaari 5
Lectures: Seminar room 3041 (3 rd floor) 
Laboratory course: Laboratory 2016 (2 nd floor)
ORGANIZERS: Viikki Biochemistry RaKe and The Faculties of Viikki Campus (Faculties of Biosciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, and Pharmacy). The course is funded by a grant from The Ministry of Education.

The outline of the course: The 4.0 ects course consists of a theoretical part (lectures and a journal club) and a practical part in laboratory. The lectures will introduce the central methodology of analyses of protein interactions and posttranslational modifications. The practical part will focus on protein expression and purification, on analyses of post translational modifications of proteins and peptides by mass spectrometry, and on biophysical analyses of protein-peptide interactions by surface plasmon resonance (Biacore) and isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC).

Background knowledge and selection criteria: The practical course (4.0 ects) for max 12 students is intended for PhD students or master students. Basic knowledge on biochemistry laboratory work is a prerequisite for the participation of the course. Viikki Campus students are given priority for the practical course. Lectures (1 ects) are open to everyone.

Evaluation: Active participation in the lectures, Journal Club and practical part, as well as written laboratory reports are required to pass the 4.0 ects practical course. Active participation in lectures only, will give 1.0 ects.

For further information, registration to the lectures, and applications for the practical course contact, tel: 09-191 58404. The deadline for registration for lectures and applications for the practical course is the May 27th, 2009. In your application please provide a short description of your background, and explain why you wish to participate in this practical course. Indicate also your faculty.


Printable course advertisement: Protein Interactions and Biochemical Analyses

NEW!! The lecture program can be downloaded here: Lecture program

The practical course is a full day course (17-28.8.2009, Monday-Friday 8.15-17) including 2-3 days of protein expression and purification, 4 days of mass spectrometry, 1 day work with Biacore, 1 day work with ITC and a 3 hours  Journal Club.

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