In Viikki campus, the biochemistry education is given by four faculties: Faculty of Biosciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Faculty of Pharmacy. Viikki Biochemistry RaKe is a joint project that aims to increase the educational collaboration between these faculties. It aims to improve the quality and availability of the biochemistry studies as well as to broaden the supply of biochemistry studies for students. The project is funded by the ministry of education and it is a part of a national structural development project of the universities in Finland.

The goals and subprojects of The Viikki Biochemistry RaKe are

  •  to increase the collaboration in biochemistry education between the faculties 
  • to improve the quality of education by joining the educational resources e.g. by cutting down overlapping teaching
  • to improve the information about the biochemistry studies in Viikki campus (e.g. these pages)

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