Feminist Approaches to Biopolitics, ECPG 2017

Call for abstracts for the 5th ECPG Conference, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 8-10 June 2017.

Panel: Feminist Approaches to Biopolitics
Chairs: Jemima Repo (Newcastle University) and Cai Weaver (University of Helsinki)

Research based on Michel Foucault’s notion of biopolitics has burgeoned in recent years, not only since the publication of the Collège de France lectures, but also due to developments in Italian political philosophy. Yet, feminist and queer contributions to this literature often feature less prominently in this new wave of scholarship. This panel welcomes all papers, both theoretical and empirical, that explore any aspect of the relationship between sex, sexuality, and gender, and biopolitics. Papers can focus on for instance particular theoretical or methodological questions that develop, challenge or complicate existing frameworks or analyses of biopolitics. They can also challenge the Western-centric biopolitical tradition by exploring the biopolitics of sex/gender/sexuality in different geographical, historical, and cultural contexts. We invite papers that empirically explore the biopolitics of social, economic, cultural, political and legal questions surrounding, but not limited to, reproduction, labour, migration, care, LGBT issues, austerity, conflict, development, social justice, race, class or disability from a feminist, queer and/or intersectional perspective.

Abstracts of 300 words, including title, should be emailed to Cai Weaver (cai.weaver[at]helsinki.fi) by 8th November 2016. Please include full contact details for all authors (name, institutional affiliation, email address) and 3-8 key words with each submission.

The final submission of abstracts will be made by the panel chairs to the ECPG. For more information about the conference, visit the website: http://www.ecpg.eu

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