BioPolítica Network


The biopolitics project facilitates research, networks scholars, and provides information about biopolitics for a Spanish-speaking and English-speaking public.

Who we are

We are a network of researchers and students in the areas of philosophy and social sciences dedicated to the study of biopolitics, founded by Vanessa Lemm (University of New South Wales, Australia) and Miguel Vatter (University of New South Wales, Australia).

Nicolás Del Valle O. (Executive Coordinator):

What is Biopolitics?

By “biopolitics” we understand a concept of politics that has as its object the biological life of the human species. The way in which “the political” relates to “life” can be negative, which is to say biopolitics can pursue the objective of dominating life and putting its reproduction under the control of various social systems (legal, economic, administrative, etc.), oriented towards a series of ideological ends (ranging from genocide and eugenics in totalitarian regimes to the accumulation of “human capital” in liberal democracies). However, a biopolitics that has a positive aim is also possible. A positive biopolitics would be a politics of life that pursues the objective of emancipating life from exploitation, domination, and administrative management. Our study of biopolitics is dedicated to research and theorization of both possibilities.


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