Kurtén club special presentation on tue 25.5

Dear all,
Kes Schroer is visiting researcher in the Jernvall lab for a few weeks, and would be happy to present her own and the research group’s current research.
As there is no planned schedule for next tuesday, we decided to grab the opportunity. So Kes will present her current research and view from other side of the big ocean on next Tuesday, 25.5., at 16.00 in the C108 (the normal place).
Kes is working in The Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology (CASHP) which is a research center at The George Washington University, USA. Her primary research interest is the development of teeth, particularly enamel. Currently, she is investigating the molarization process in Paranthropus and developmental differences between deciduous and permanent enamel. On the side, Kes is analyzing the pedagogical effectiveness of evolution exhibits in American museums.