Kurtén Club 22.3.

Dear all,

tomorrow, Hui Tang will give a talk about

Mountain uplift and the asynchronous evolution of the summer monsoons in Asia.

Time & Loc.:
16.00, 22.3.2011, C108 Physicum

The uplift of the mountains in Asia, particularly the Tibetan Plateau is thought to be the major factor that drives the intensification of the Indian and E-Asian monsoon in the Neogene (since 23 Million years before present) and shapes the modern Asian monsoon climate. Here, we use a regional climate model to investigate the sensitivity of the Asian summer monsoon to the regional mountain uplift. Different from the classical view that both the Indian and E-Asian summer monsoon are strengthened by the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau, our results show that the uplift of different parts of the Tibetan Plateau and the surrounding orography may trigger the asynchronous development of the summer monsoon in India and E-Asia.