Kurtén Club 24.1.

Dear all,

tomorrow, Juan López Cantalapiedra (Paleobiology Department of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain) will give a talk about

The diversification of the ruminants and its connections to ecology.

A short description of Juan’s research:

” One of the main questions in paleontology and evolution refers to diversification patterns. Whether speciation and extinction events are bunched in time, concomitant with climatic or tectonic episodes, or whether such events are affected by evolutionary innovations are major issues in macroevolution that still remain little understood. In my thesis, I tackled these problems using a phylogenetic framework and ruminants as my study group. Specifically, I studied the impact of diet and ecological specialization on their speciation rates. I also discovered that the most important shifts in ruminant diversification occurred in concert with other faunal pulses and climatic events. ”



Time & Loc.:
16.00, 24.1.2012, C108 Physicum