Lecture by Manfred Laubichler

NOTE TIME: on Tuesday, March 26 at 10.15
Auditorium 1041, Biocenter 2

Manfred Laubichler (Arizona State University, USA): The past, present and future of developmental evolution: A drama in three acts

Host: Jukka Jernvall

Manfred Laubichler’s research covers three areas. His work in theoretical biology is focused on conceptual and mathematical issues, such as the problem of defining biological characters in development and evolution, the homology problem, and the theory of epistatic and epigenetic effects. In evolutionary developmental biology Laubichler focuses on social insects as a model system. Finally, he is interested in the history of theoretical biology, embryology and developmental biology. In his presentation, Laubichler will discuss broadly issues related to molecular and computational challenges in developmental evolution studies.

Dr. Laubichler is Professor of Theoretical Biology and History of Biology; Director, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity; Associate Director, Origins Project; Adjunct Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole; External Professor, Santa Fe Institute.

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