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This is a form for requesting a project or a group blog/site. If you’re looking to set up a personal blog/site, you can just login here with your university credentials.

Important! Please read the following before filling the form:

  1. Log in at least once to the blog service with your university credentials before requesting a new site. Admin rights cannot be granted unless you do, so please do it now if you haven’t already. You can log in here. This limitation applies also to any other editors/admins.
  2. The folder part of the blog/site address has to be at least 9 characters or more. We’ll just add ‘-blog’ or other suitable string of characters in the end if you don’t. Also, any special characters will be replaced with ‘-‘.
  3. The blog/site has to be somehow related to your work, research or studies within the University of Helsinki. General user policy principals/restrictions apply. You can revise them here.
  4. Group blog / site requests are processed once a week. Usually on Fridays, so please have patience.

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