The workshop programme

THURSDAY 16 JAN – Porthania, Teachers’ Lounge P219, Yliopistonkatu 3

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00 Workshop starts & welcome

13:20-14:00 Paper I Pierre Eichenberger: “Employers and the Shaping of the Welfare State: The Swiss postwar Experience (1945-1960)”

14:00-14:40 Paper II Rikard Westerberg: “Big Business, Big Ideas: How Business Interest Associations Brought Free-market Ideas to Sweden”

14:40-15:00 Coffee

15:00-15:40 Paper III Cecilia Kahn: “Preference attainment in Swedish bank legislation 1920-1968”

15:40-16:20 Paper IV, Kevin Young: “The Challenge of Measuring Business Social Ties to Policymakers”

16:20-17:00 Paper V, John Mowbry et al.: “A novel form of biography?: Analysing appointment diaries through quantitative network analysis”

19:00 Dinner

FRIDAY 17 JAN – Metsätalo, Room 10, Unioninkatu 40

9:00-9:40 Paper VII Thomas Paster: “How do Expectations of Negative Work Incentives Influence Employers’ Views of Social Policy Reforms?”

9:40-10:20 Paper VII Maiju Wuokko, Susanna Fellman & Ilkka Kärrylä: “Detecting interest group preferences: The case of industrial democracy in Finland in the 1970s”

10:20-11:00 Paper VIII Rami Kaplan: “Transnational Capitalist Class Mobilization and the Global Diffusion of Corporate Environmentalism”

11:00-11:20 Coffee

11:20-12:00 Paper IX Niklas Jensen-Eriksen & Maiju Wuokko: “The Underdogs: Exploring the role of small and medium-sized enterprises’ associations in the Finnish labour market policy”

12:00-12:40 Paper X Sabine Pitteloud: Organized Business and Environmental Norms: “The Swiss Policy to reduce air pollution in the 1970s”

12:40-13:00 Summing up and plans further

13:00 Lunch