Digital Humanities Seminars

RiCEP project, ‘Computational and Linguistic Approaches to Commercial Society and Eighteenth-Century Publishing’. Digital Humanities Research Seminar (Helsinki, 6 October 2022)

Iiro Tiihonen, ‘Discourses and Disposable Income: Data Driven Approaches to Eighteenth-Century Commercial Society’. Digital Humanities Research Seminar (Helsinki, 17 November 2022).

Seminar with collaborators

We have a monthly Zoom seminar with our collaborators. If you’d be interested in attending a session, please be in touch.


  • 7 March: Fraser Dallachy (Glasgow), “Evolving the Historical Thesaurus of English: Preparing the Second Edition”
  • 2 May: Iiro Tiihonen (Helsinki), “Data Analysis of Early Modern Book Prices With the ESTC and ECCO”


  • 1 February: Project kickoff
  • 1 March: Susan Fitzmaurice and Seth Mehl (Sheffield), “Linguistic DNA and the Concept Modelling Demonstrator”
  • 6 April: Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster), “The Encyclopedia of Shakespeare’s Language: Problems and Solutions”
  • 18 June: Simon Burrows (Western Sydney) and Mark Towsey (Liverpool), “Eighteenth-Century Libraries Online: Introducing the Libraries, Reading Communities and Cultural Formation Project”
  • 4 October: Tony McEnery (Lancaster), “Clustering keywords – registers, sub-registers, time and titles”
  • 1 November: Richard B. Sher (NJIT / Rutgers), “The Sale Catalogues of Strahan and Cadell, 1772–1783”
  • 7 December: Douglas Biber (Northern Arizona), “Extending text-linguistic studies of register variation to a continuous situational space: Case studies from the web and face-to-face conversation”