New Book: Loistavat Erkot



Antti Blåfield’s Loistavat Erkot. Patruunat ja heidän päätoimittajansa (Otava, 2014) tells the long history of Helsingin Sanomat and its predecessor Päivälehti from 1889 to 1991 through its owners, three generations of Erkko family, and their 18 chief editors.

Book depicts how Päivälehti, a volatile start-up of Eero Erkko and his like-minded friends, slowly found its readers at the turn of the decade among the liberal Finnish-speaking people in Helsinki and in the following decades became the leading newpaper in Finland. After World War II and throughout the 20th century, under the ownership of Eljas and Aatos Erkko, Helsingin Sanomat only reinforced its position as the country’s leading newspaper.

The dynamic between the Erkko family and their chief editors are at the focus of Loistavat Erkot; the chief editors are characterised as loyal servats as well as challegers, academic intellectuals, and defenders of freedom of speach.

More information about the book from the publishers website (in Finnish).

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