Selected ongoing CEA research projcts:

PISA 2015 & 2018

OECD’s triennial PISA-study (Programme for International Student Assessment) has become the best-known survey to evaluate education systems worldwide. CEA was alone responsible for the Finnish report in PISA 2006. Now, CEA is conducting the Finnish PISA study 2015 and 2018 jointly with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä.

MetrOP-research 2010 – 2019

The longitudinal research project MetrOP (Educational Outcomes and Health of Children in the Differentiating Helsinki Metropolitan Area) centres on the learning and wellbeing of the adolescents in the 14 municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. Over 8 000 7th graders participated in the study in its 1st stage in 2010. More recently, majority of these pupils have now continued with their studies in high school or vocational schooling. The study is conducted by researchers at the University of Helsinki, the Finnish National Board of Education, the University of Tampere, and the National institute for Health and Welfare. See more in Finnish https://blogs.helsinki.fi/metlo-fin

Follow-up study on digital learning in the city of Vantaa 2015 – 2018

The aim of the study is to survey the use of digital devices in teaching from pre-school to high school and vocational schooling. How does the digital learning environment affect pupils’ learning results and motivation in different education levels?

Adaptive test for applicants to vocational education

Follow-up study on learning to learn in the city of Helsinki

Previous CEA research projects (in Finnish):