ERI Alumna Asteria Brylka defends her PhD

Asteria Brylka was awarded her M. Soc. in Social Psychology from the ERI- programme in 2012. On 29th April 2016 she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Identity- and contact-related determinants of reciprocal intergroup relations in ethno-culturally diverse societies” at the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Helsinki.


The cross-sectional study investigates the reciprocity of ethnic relations in Finland and the role this reciprocity plays in the development of an inclusive integration context characterised by positive intergroup attitudes, and support for multiculturalism and for the minority groups collective action. The theoretical framework builds on the social identity theory, the theory of acculturation and contact hypothesis. Identity- and contact-related predictors of the inclusive integration context are examined among Finns and among Russian and Estonian immigrants. The study shows that the inclusive integration context does not develop in a social vacuum and provides strong evidence on the importance of the reciprocity of multidimensional intergroup relations in diverse societies.

The dissertation is available in electronic form through the e-thesis service.

Congratulations Asteria!