The last work life visit this academic year was organized at the City of Helsinki Urban Facts. It is the expert organization responsible for statistics, research, information and open data as well as records management at the City of Helsinki. The organization consists of four units: the Unit for Statistics and Information Services, the Urban Research Unit, the City Archives and the Administration Unit.

The Urban Research Unit, where the ERI work life visit was organized, conducts applied research for the administration of the City of Helsinki, for the citizens and for enterprises located in Helsinki. Our hosts were Pasi Saukkonen and Anu Yijälä who are specifically researching matters related to migration and integration. They shared information on what kind of research is being done at their unit and in general some facts about the organization. The unit publishes various statistical reports, also in English, accessible on the website. Anu Yijälä presented her most recent research, where she analyses the need for social assistance benefit among immigrants residing in Helsinki (also available online). The students were inspired by the interesting research and the discussion continued about options for internships.

The researchers encouraged the students to contact them to ask about internship opportunities, which depend largely on what kind of projects are being carried out at the time. Skills in the Finnish language are not a pre-requisite. In addition, both Pasi and Anu were interested in the ERI students thesis topics, specifically those with a Helsinki connection. In fact, Pasi is familiar with the MA programme as he taught a course for the ERI students some years ago, about integration processes. A CEREN researcher also joined the ERI students on the visit to the City of Helsinki Urban Facts.

On behalf of the ERI programme, I’d like to thank Pasi and Anu very much for their hospitality and warm welcome to their work place. We will keep in touch and strive for continued cooperation.                                   .Urban Facts visit

Anna Storgårds
Coordinator of the ERI programme