Annual Catalogue of “Academic Research Projects on Asia in Finland 2020” by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies

In today’s post, the Finnish China Law Centre will be announcing the annual data collection by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies. Information about ongoing or recently completed research projects on Asia is collected for the 2020 version of the “Academic Research Projects on Asia in Finland” catalogue.

The innovative outlook of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies has started since its establishment in 1996 and has been testified through the provision of e-learning courses on Asia since 1999. Strong partnerships have been established with Finnish universities and as of the agreement period of 2017-2020, seven universities, namely Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, Tampere University, University of Turku, University of Vaasa and Åbo Akademi University are listed as member universities to this network. The goal of the Network has been to complement and strengthen both pedagogical and academic activities on Asia of the member universities through. Beyond online courses, the Network is also active in the dissemination of information related to Asian studies testified through its annual catalogues, mailing lists and social media. In addition to that, the Network also provides the platform for discussion and networking on a variety of issues on Asian studies and developmental policies. Such vision of the Network is sustained through multidisciplinary approaches and multilateralism cooperation.

All researchers and academics who are currently working or recently finished on a project on Asia are highly encouraged to submit their research information to the catalogue at this site. All inputs will be recognised and acknowledged as it directly contributes to the academic networking of an exclusive niche in area studies, as well as playing a role in the promotion of partnerships with public and private institutions.

The deadline for submitting research information is set on the 9th of August. The catalogue will be published in September on the Network’s website. The 2019 version of the Research Catalogue can be found on their website for reference.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies in general or with regards to matters surrounding that of the catalogue is also more than welcomed to contact the Director of the Network, Outi Luova.

Please feel free to disseminate this information for all who might be interested in including their research projects in the catalogue, and we hope to see your research be featured on this year’s Catalogue of Academic Research Projects.

This blog post was written by the Center’s intern, Mr. Kelvin Choo Wei Cheng. Kelvin is a undergraduate student at the University of Warwick, and an exchange student at University of Helsinki for the autumn and spring terms 2019-2020.