Bilateral Seminar in June – Sustainability from Comparative Perspective

Facade of the Helsinki University Main Building

The 10th Sino-Finnish International Seminar on Comparative Law will take place in 10-11th of June 2019 in Helsinki. The seminar, which is organized by the China Law Center with the support of the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, is the annual academic event between the Center and the CASS Institute of Law aiming at robust discussion of emerging legal issues of joint academic significance.

The central theme for this year’s seminar is sustainability. According the Director of the Finnish China Law Center, Professor Ulla Liukkunen, there is an increasing need to address sustainability in different fields of law also from comparative perspective. Climate change and environmental degradation are fundamental challenges reflecting deepening processes of globalization. Sustainability as the theme will also continue from last year’s bilateral seminar in Beijing, which focused on environment and legal problems of global significance.

The seminar will also cover public law and developments in the area of legal theory.

‘We are very pleased to host this year’s seminar’, says professor Liukkunen. In addition to this year’s seminar being the tenth of its kind, the whole cooperation between the CASS Institute of Law and the China Law Center has been recognized in the Sino-Finnish Joint Action Plan, which testifies to the continuity of the Center’s work. The Center has acted as an important platform for legal researchers to deepen and develop research cooperation with Chinese scholars.

A list of speakers, contact information and more details for those seeking further information can be found in the seminar program.

The seminar is open for the public. Attendees are welcome to register here.