The Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture is pleased to announce the publication of the Report on its First Four Years (2013-2016). The Report contains detailed information about the Center’s objectives and successes and the China law-related activities of its 10 member institutions. The Report can be viewed and downloaded here. Questions or comments […]

Environmental Law, Sustainability on Agenda at Comparative Law Seminar with Chinese Legal Think Tank

Reflecting a topic increasingly under public debate given the escalating effects of climate change, environmental protection featured prominently during the latest comparative law seminar organized by the Finnish China Law Center and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). This year’s seminar focused on the environment and a range of other legal and social problems […]

Environmental Governance in China ‘Imbued with Local Experimentation and Variation’: Outi Luova, University of Turku

Given the decentralisation of decision-making powers in China, sub-municipal governments have become principal actors in policy implementation. University Lecturer and Docent Outi Luova, Director of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies and Vice Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku, a member institution of the Finnish China […]

Multiple Visits to China Cap Year of Growing Bilateral Legal Research and Education Collaboration between the University of Helsinki and China

The end of 2017 saw a flurry of visits of scholars and staff to China from the University of Helsinki, one of the 10 member institutions of the Finnish China Law Center. The visits capped off a year marked by ever-deepening cooperation between the University of Helsinki and Chinese scholars and institutions. In October 2017, […]

China’s New Food Safety Law a ‘Milestone’ in China’s Legislative Reforms: Dr Harriet Lonka, University of Eastern Finland

China’s new Food Safety Law was issued in 2009 and revised in 2015. For Post-Doctoral Researcher Harriet Lonka, the chance to be a visiting scholar at Peking University Law School and research this important legislative reform was an opportunity not to be missed. Dr Harriet Lonka, from Finnish China Law Center member institution the University […]

Working as Visiting Researcher in Leading Chinese University Gives Fresh Perspectives on China-Africa Relations, Global Governance and International Law

Dr Obert Hodzi, a postdoctoral researcher and Sino-Africa relations scholar in the University of Helsinki, recently returned from a six-week stint as a Visiting Scholar in Renmin University, China. Renmin University is a key partner of the Finnish China Law Center. The strong links between the Center’s 10 member institutions, including the University of Helsinki, […]

Featured Researcher: Professor Matti Nojonen

Mr. Nojonen is well-known for his research in Chinese strategic thought and is the first to translate the widely cited Sunzi, The Art of Warfare, from Chinese to Finnish. He has a long history in researching the history of the Chinese political system and ideology, as well as China’s economy and business. Mr. Nojonen has […]

Featured Researcher: Professor Johanna Niemi

Professor Johanna Niemi is Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Turku and expert in insolvency law, in particular on issue of debts of private individuals, as well as in gendered violence. Johanna Niemi is the principal investigator of the Academy of Finland research project “Gendered Choices in Structures of Law and Gender”, carried […]