ChinaLawInfo is accessible to the student and staff of the member institutions

What is ChinaLawInfo?

Chinalawinfo is an advanced legal information retrieval system launched jointly with Peking Univerisity’s Legal Information Center. With continual improvements to technology and additions to content, ChinaLawInfo has evolved over the last 20 years into the largest and most professional legal research system in China.

The accessible databases are:

1. Laws & Regulations Database (法律法规) –

2. Judicial Cases Database (司法案例) –

3. Law Journal Database  (法学期刊) –

4. English Translations Database –

5. Special Reference Database (专题参考) –

6. Law Firms Practice(律所实务)-

Introduction to ChinaLawInfo databases and users guide of the Chinese language databases

For the English database, users can refer to the “search tips” in the English webpage


How can I access ChinaLawInfo?

The Center, with the help of the libraries of the Member Institutions, has made access to ChinaLawInfo available to the students and staff of its member institution. Each library has one computer from which ChinaLawInfo can be accessed:


Aalto University, Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Hanken School of Economics Library


University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus Library
University of Helsinki Library, Kaisatalo 4th floor








Students at the University of Lapland can access ChinaLawInfo from any of the computers on the first and second floor of their library.

Students at the University of Tampere can access ChinaLawInfo from one of the computers on the third floor of their library.

Students at the University of Turku can access ChinaLawInfo from the Calonia computer class (room Cal 230), 2nd floor of the Calonia building, the building for Faculty of Law.