With the start of the Year of the Ox, the Finnish China Law Center would like to wish a happy Chinese New Year to its Chinese, Nordic and global friends and partners alike.

In the past year, the Centre has significant accomplishments in fostering research and education in Chinese law and legal culture. The Center successfully hosted the China Law Week in 2020, which drew in leading academics from around the world to offer insights and engage in discussions in the current challenges, frameworks and reforms in Chinese law and legal culture. The event particularly strengthened the Center’s collaboration with legal scholars and practitioners from China and other countries in Chinese law.

In the following year, the Centre will continue its work in promoting research and education in Chinese law and legal culture. Additionally, the Center will support research in comparative law involving China and its role in the global economy and international society. The Center will likewise host a number of events and activities such as the Nordic China Law Week 2021, to enhance and develop our friendship and partnership with Chinese and international institutions.

This blog post was written by one of the Center’s interns, Annette Rapo. Annette is from Finland, but did her LL.B in Scotland. She is currently studying in the Global Governance Law master’s programme at the University of Helsinki. She is particularly interested in governance related topics such as economic development and environmental protection.