Guest Lecture: Chinese Traditional Education

Polina Lecture

Abstract of Prof. Polina Rysakova’s Lecture

When we think about Chinese traditional education the first things that usually come into mind are Confucian classics, civil state examinations, rote learning and mentoring. Education system in China is thought to be very conservative and stubborn. But could such a system really exist for such a long time? Did it really lack any potential? How can we analyze Chinese traditional education in a new way – to see its inter-connectedness with other spheres of society? How we can discover the inner logic of education system development in traditional and contemporary China – the evolution of pedagogical ideas and organizational restructuring? What new methodological tools can we use for the research on such topic? A few questions will be raised during the lecture about a sociological perspective in studies of education in traditional China.

Venue: PR aud II (University Main Building on Unioninkatu 34, 2nd floor, Aud II)

Date and Time: October 12, from 10-12

This event is co-organized by Asian Studies and Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki.