Hokkaido-Helsinki Seminar

There will be a series of academic presentations in the “Hokkaido-Helsinki Seminar” on March 2 and 3. Some of these sessions are related to indigenous cultures, knowledge and identities in East Asia. Please feel free to attend these presentations!


March 2 (Thu), 15.00-16.15, Aud. II

15.00-15.25 Wei Xue (Ph.D. student, Hokkaido Univ.)

Ainu Study Curriculum in Public Education in JapanBased on Research in Two Elementary Schools

15.25-15.50 Xiaoxu Liu (Ph.D. student, Department of Teachers’ Education, Univ. of Helsinki)

The meanings of Multicultural education: Comparing Perspectives from China and Finland

15.50-16.15 Madoka Hammine (Ph.D. student, Univ. of Lapland)

Ryukyuan language revitalization in the Ryukyus: who are we?


16.15-16.30 Break


March 2, 16.30-17.45, Aud. II

16.30-16.55 Hirai Takefumi (Ph.D. student, Hokkaido Univ.)

Dissonance of Industrial Heritage Sites as ‘Place of Memory’: The Case of Factory-sites in Sakhalin Island, Russia

16.55-17.20 Suvi Rautio (Ph.D. student, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki)

Mirroring audiences in an ethnic minority village in Southwest China

17.20-17.45 Grace I-An Gao (Ph.D. student, Faculty of Social Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki)

Unpacking socio-cultural embeddedness of aging indigenous peoples: a case from Tayal people in Taiwan