A New EU Grant for “The EU in the volatile Indo-Pacific region (EUVIP)”

Congratulations to University of Helsinki Chinese Studies! Together with Univerzita Palackého, University of Copenhagen, and Université catholique de Louvain, we have successfully obtained a 1.5 million Euro grant to conduct a research project “The EU in the volatile Indo-Pacific region (EUVIP)” together!

Our PhD candidate Euro Suoranta receives 25000 Euro UH Funds/SYLFF grant for research in Asian and African studies. Eero Suoranta’s research focuses on alienation in contemporary Chinese science fiction (SF) literature. He explores how Chinese SF stories can use the literary technique of estrangement to draw attention to the wider social structures that cause alienation, as well as what kind of social commentary and criticism this results inHe has also previously analyzed Chinese SF in his master’s thesis The Cultural Revolution, Fanaticism and Rationality in Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem (University of Helsinki, 2017). In addition, he has worked as a translator of Chinese SF, as a freelance journalist and literary critic, as a lecturer on Chinese society and culture in adult education, and as an expert commentator in the YLE radio series Kirjoituksia kungfutselaisuudesta (“Writings on Confucianism”)