2016 Events

6April 12, 1-3:30 pm

Roundtable Event

Media and China’s Image Branding from a Comparative Perspective

Moderator: Julie Yu-Wen Chen


Dr. Jiang Chang (School of Journalism and Communication at Renmin University of China)

The “Go-Out” Strategy of Chinese Media

Mr. Teemu Naarajärvi (Department of World Cultures at UH)

In the Land of the Blind: China in Finnish Media

Prof. Xenia Zeiler (Department of World Cultures at UH)

China in Indian News Media: Rival or Partner?

Prof. Julie Yu-Wen Chen (Department of World Cultures at UH)

Story about China? Or Story about Us? Newspaper Reports about China in Kazakhstan


April 25, 2-4 pm,  Room D112 (Unioninkatu 38)

Different Routes in Establishing Partnerships in China and Taiwan

Speaker: Dr. Junying Jeanie Kirk (Birmingham City University)

April 26, 2-4 pm, Room A205 (Unioninkatu 38)

Meeting the Novelist Event

My Journey from the East to the West

Speaker: Dr. Junying Jeanie Kirk (Birmingham City University)



May 12, 10-12 am, Room A132 (Unioninkatu 38)

The Emerging Trends and Patterns of China’s Intervention in African Intrastate Armed Conflicts

Speaker: Mr. Obert Hodzi, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

May 13, 10-12 am, Room A205 (Unioninkatu 38)

The Importance of Engagement: Understanding China In and Out of the Academy

Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Sullivan, Associate Professor and Director of Research at School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham


September 19, 4-6 pm, Unioninkatu 37, LS

The Roots of Chinese Prosperity: Why did China Begin to Become So Much Richer in the Past Quarter Century?

Speaker: Prof. Lynn T. White III, Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School, Politics Department, and East Asian Studies Program, Princeton University

September 26, 1-5 pm,  

China in World Politics Seminar

Venue: University Main building,University Council Hall (Konsistori), Fabianinkatu 33

Canrong Jin – US-China Relations
Dayong Niu – US-China Relations from a Historical Perspective
Xinning Song – EU-China New Strategic Partnership
Yufan Hao – One Belt One Road in China’s Unfolding Grand Strategy
Chih-yu Shih – Bringing the Bilateral IR Back in?

October 12, 10-12 am,  PR aud II (University Main Building on Unioninkatu 34, 2nd floor, Aud II)

Chinese Traditional Education: A Sociological Perspective

Speaker: Prof. Polina Rysakova, St. Petersburg State University


Research workshop: Perceptions of the Other in Central Asia

University of Helsinki, 21 October 2016

Main building, hall (Sali) 15

10.30-10.45 Opening words /Media and security in Central Asia project team

10.45-12.15 First session: Kazakhstan

  • Moderator: Katja Lehtisaari
  • 45-11.15 Aziz Burkhanov: “Eurasian Union, the Cossacks and “Our Russian”: Perception of Russia in Kazakhstan’s Media Discourse” (via Skype)
  • 15-11.45 Jukka Pietiläinen: The other in Kazakhstan according to survey
  • 45-12.15 Galiya Ibrayeva: Kazakh students perceptions of Russia (via Skype/video)

12.15-13.15 Second session: Views on Russia, China and Turkey

  • 15-12.45 Elira Turdubaeva: Public Perception of NATO in Kyrgyzstan (via Skype)
  • 45-13.15 Julie Chen & Olaf Günther: Perceptions of China among Students in Central Asia
  • 15-13.25 Commentaries / Hanna Smith

This event is hosted by Alexander Institute at the University of Helsinki.

November 21, 16:15 to 17:45, in Unioninkatu 37, Room LS

Speaker: Prof. Zhou Shaoqing, Professor in Institute of Ethnology & Anthropology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & Professor at Law School of Renmin University of China

The Legal Issues of China’s Ethnic Minority Cultural Inheritance and Development

Welcoming talk by Prof. Kimmo Nuotio, Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki